Sunflower Fertilization
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Fertilization

1st period 4-6 leaf Pro Active application

Pro active to be implemented during this period, drugs that will be used especially against rain flushing (aclonifen active substance) prevent the plant from becoming dormant. In addition, it prevents the premature aging of old leaves in the plant and contributes to the energy required for the emergence of other young leaves also amino acids contribute to root development because of high phosphorus content.

2st period 6-8 leaf Pro Active application

Before flowering, this is the period in which the table diameter and the number of grains in the table are determined. Plants are very sensitive to drought during this period, and water loss from leaves is high. During this drough period, Pro active increases the retention of water between cells. The plant can not get from the soil elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen pure giving to the plant, increases fertilization rate and maximizes yield.