Canola Fertilization
Canola (Brassica napus L.) Fertilization

Pro active seed coating, it is made by mixing it with fungicides. High germination and required for uniform output.

Seed coating in the first germination period, providing easier access to nutrients prevents energy loss.

Seed coating; 100 kg of seed; It should be applied as 1 liter Pro active and 1 liter of water.

Seed Coating can be applied 7 days before planting.

Pro active with the existing macro elements it helps to meet the missing elements that it cannot get from the soil. It also contains microelements, it cannot get from the soil.

In the first growing period of plants, the necessary phosphorus is in Pro active.

Plants without spending the energy it would spend to get nutrients from the soil, it takes these nutrients from the leaf much faster.

Pro active application; it should be done 2 times during the development of plants.

Pro active in the tillering period; increasing tillers and it is necessary for the formation of spike tillers. Tillering period 3-4 leaves; it should be applied as 300-400 cc decare / 40-50 liter water.

Contained magnesium provides protection of plants from frost and contributes to the formation of chlorophyll.

Tillering period application; it ensures that all siblings grow equally.Also Pro active, it increases the root development at a high rate and enables it to be taken quickly in other fertilizers.

Pro active contains high levels of calcium, it prevents premature aging of plants by staying young.

With the warming of the air, the mineral requirement of the plants increases. During these periods, the need for mineral substances must be met by using Pro active.

Besides the tillering time, use during the flag leaf period; leaves the leaf green longer.

In addition, by extending the grain filling period; improves efficiency and quality.

2. Pro active application, during the flag leaf period; 200-300 cc / 20 liter decare amount will be made.

Applications early morning and it should be done in the cool hours of the evening.