Pure Amino

Pure Amino

Pureamino; are organic liquid fertilizers, a completely natural product based on animals. For their production calfskin is used, the processing of which goes through several stages, combined with filtration and separation from solid particles. In conclusion, complete separation of the skin protein occurs, which is subsequently dissolved in the water. The difference between the three products is in the content of total organic matter and free amino acids, namely:

- Pureamino - In its composition (per 100 liters of finished product) contains: Total organic matter - 15%; Organic carbon (OS) - 4%; Organic nitrogen (N) - 0.9%; Free amino acids - 12%; Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) - 1.2%. The acidity (pH) of the product is 6.5.

As a pure organic product saturated with amino acids, the three products stimulate biochemical processes during the period of seed germination and root formation of crops. As a result, a developed root system is formed, penetrating into the deep layers of the soil. Subsequently, the leaf surface area is increased, providing a basis for photosynthesis, contributing to the intensive growth of the green mass of the plant. In addition, the organic fertilizer Proactive Plus increases the resistance of the crop in adverse climatic conditions (drought, low temperatures, etc.), increases yields (minimum 10%), accelerates the ripening of fruits, and also improves their quality. , increasing the content of vitamins, and reducing the amount of nitrates and nitrites.

Information regarding application doses and treatment periods for different crops (for cereals, vegetables and perennials) can be obtained from the company's website -

The products have no toxic effects on humans and warm-blooded animals, do not pollute the environment and do not affect the ozone layer.