Grape Fertilization
Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Fertilization

It can be taken from proactive leaves and stalk. Grapes can take micro elements from the leaf that they cannot get from the soil.
Pro active can be used with fungicides.
In the nutrition of grapes, especially without blooming, Pro active is very effective during the talc period.
Pro active, before blooming; It should be applied with 200-300 cc decare / 100 liters of water.With the calcium it contains, provides strengthening of flower buds.
Pro active, with the phosphorus it contains strengthens flower formation.
Free amino acids in it useful in flower formation.
High calcium, keeps the flowers more open.
Pro active contains phosphorus strengthens flower formation.

Amino acids contained useful in flower formation.
Pro active, high calcium content; flowers keeps it open more.
After the grapes bloom, decare; 200-300cc / 100 liters of water should be applied.
The third implementation; 2-3 weeks after application; It should be done with 200-300cc / 100 liters of water.
4. Pro active application; 15-20 days later with 200-300cc / 100 liters of water per decare, It should be made to increase the sugar content in grapes.
Proa ctive, contained in free amino acids are required to increase yield.
To get the best result in Pro active applications; early morning and it should be applied at cool hours in the evening.

1.When used before flowering (when the first leaves are formed); 200-250 ml / 100 l of water per decare
It improves the health of fringe roots with potassium by increasing the formation of flowers with phosphorus in it. Methionin in it  and it will fertilize the flowers to be formed with the amino acids of Isoleus.
High rate of Calcium (Ca) ,it provides flowers to remain open longer

2. When the petals of the crown are shed  (Flower formation period); 200-250 ml / 100 l of water per decare.
The product contains; methionine,  phenylalanine, threonine as well as amino acids  Increases the number and amount of talc that will occur with the phosphorus it contains.

3. After talks occur, 200-250 ml / 100 l of water per decare.
Grapes contain high potassium to increase the amount of sugar, It contains ready-made activated carbon so that the fruits in talc are equal in size.
For taste and color formation in grains; Arginine, histidine and valine free amino acids because of the overlap it should be used not only for yield but for quality product.