Maize Fertilization
Maize (Zea mays L.) Fertilization

Covering the seeds of the corn plant with Pro active before planting; macro at the exit and It is beneficial for micro elements especially for germination.


Coating can be done one week before planting. 100 kg (10 bags) bags of seeds, 1 liter Pro active and one liter of water should be mixed.

As a result of covering the seeds with Pro active; sufficient temperature and in case of moisture, the output of the plants will be uniform.

Pro active with seed coating first roots will develop well and it will go deep.

The use of Pro active is necessary to increase the vegetative development of the corn plant.

Pro active, it is necessary for the growth of the corn plant and provides the micro elements that it needs.

Included, as they are bio-regulatory substances; it should be used to protect from stress.

Corn plant; In the first stage of development where there are 2-4 leaves; required for the development of corncobs.

Pro active application after 4-6 leaves in corn plant; contained it will contribute positively to the development of cobs with nitrogen and potassium.

Corn plant peak tassel as the amount of pollen released will increase fertilization rate will increase.

Applications in every period, 200-300cc / 20 liters of water should be done with.

Especially top Pro active fertilization, nitrogen removal from soil and The enzymes in the plant will become active and strengthen photosynthesis.

Pro active, by increasing the microorganism activities in the soil, strengthening root functions, preventing the drought from being affected and it will ensure easy intake of other nutrients.

Using Pro active in the second term, stimulating the plant, leaves and stems are thick.

The purpose of making all these applications; to increase efficiency.

Pro active rams to mature well, protein ratio and it will increase the oil rate.

Applications in the early morning and should be done in the cooler evening.

1. Planting 4 weeks later root development reaches the highest level. ProActive in this period 200-300 ml per decare application; contains Methionin, Leusin amino acids and Phosphorus, while increasing the development of fringe roots, also contains calcium enables roots to go deeper with.
2. Without the top tassel to be done 2 weeks ago 200-300 ml ProActive application per decare; Valine, Threonine amino acids with increasing drought resistance, organic carbon in with Increases the amount of flower powder in the top tassel.
3. 2 weeks after the peak tassel exit 200-300 ml ProActive application per decare; increasing the grain attitude, increase in yield, provides an increase fat and protein ratio in the grains with quench growth