Apple Fertilization
Apple Fertilization

Pro active helps in the nutrition of pome fruits. After using Pro active fertilizer same time; it benefits the strengthening of the roots. When Pro active is applied from the leaf;  it provides the intake of other nutrients in the soil. Pro active, the nutrients it contains are taken by the plant very quickly, accelerates plant metabolism. With microelements and amino acids, it plays a big role in the development of soft fruits.With the nutrients it contains besides high efficiency, it also increases quality.

1. 250-450 cc decare / 50-80 liters of water during the bud period (without blooming)
2. The period after blossoming; 250-450 cc decare / 50-80  liters of water
3. During the growing period of fruits; 250-450 cc decare / 50-80  liters of water
4. During the ripening period of the fruit; 250-450 cc decare / 50-80  liters of water
5. After the fruits are harvested; 250-450 cc decare / 50-80  liters of water

Applications to get the best results from the use of Pro active; it should be done early in the morning and cool in the evening.